Hamish Coulter
CEO and Founder

Hamish is the founder and CEO of Ready to Eat. A former international athlete across several sports (bodybuilding and powerlifting NZ champion) and founder of several other businesses he has a strong background in nutrition, creativity and innovation.

A tenacious focus on customer experience drives Hamish’s view that this business starts with people and ends with people so the key component to the company’s success is an engaged team that is tuned into its customer’s needs. 

Hamish has an unwavering approach to sustainability that underlines the companies continual focus on creating a zero waste service.  Hamish also heads the Ready to Eat Sustainability team that collaborates extensively with other similar focused businesses and development teams sharing innovations for the betterment of all of NZ.

Lisa Booth
GM of Business Operations

A well established Marketing manager with strong background in Digital marketing Lisa brings a wealth of background in driving established businesses to new heights. A strong cultural focus and natural problem solver allows her to bring a team together to perform at its highest level.

Lisa has been involved in tech focused innovative food businesses for several years and applies her skillset across the whole business to ensure that all teams understand the company vision and work together for the common goal.

Mike Riley
Financial Controller

Mike was appointed Financial Controller of Ready to Eat having previously fulfilled a similar

role in Christchurch prior to moving to Hamilton and is now tasked with helping and supporting

others to grow the company to meet the vision of the board.

Mike is passionate about health and fitness and is involved in athletics in various roles including;

competing, administrating, officiating and coaching. Mike is an Athletics NZ accredited

middle/ distance running coach and has achieved success at national level with a few going on

to be NZ representatives on the world stage.

Yvonne McLaren
Business Development Manager

Yvonne is a well established business strategist with a long track record of improving business

models to enhance high growth business management and operations. A knack for

understanding customer requirements and fulfilling their needs underlines Yvonnes

exceptional relationship management skillset in her Business Development role.

Yvonne is also a former NZ level rower and has a strong understanding of nutrition, health

and body mechanics which drives her enthusiasm for our health conscious business.

Niki Keoghan
Production Operations Manager

Niki comes from 20 years in the hospitality sector including previously running her own catering company for nine years. Niki is passionate about training and up-skilling staff and believes that team input and communication are key to achieving production goals.


Bevan Cross
Head of product development

Bevan is an experienced chef with a background in high performance sports.

Understanding food trends and nutrition allows him to craft new menu introductions that hit the target in both taste and health.

Amanda hartley
Accounts manager

Maninder Khosa
Head chef

Billyjo Whitiora
Process Team Supervisor