Health and Nutrition




We develop, sell and distribute convenient meal solutions for busy Kiwi’s and their families through our online stores.  

We work with a network of top New Zealand food manufacturers to craft meal options into delicious, affordable and healthy offerings for different segments of the market across several different categories.

From Fresh extended shelf life pre-made meals to Home delivered Meal Kits, Ready to Eat has a convenient lifestyle choice for everyone.  Our team of product developers utilise their backgrounds in the Chef industry, Food Production, Compliance, Nutrition and Market research to build food products that not only taste great and are easy to use but also work within health parameters as set by the Ministry of Health and are appealing to Kiwi’s now and tomorrow.

Our direct to customer E-commerce brands allow us to communicate directly with our consumers.  Listen to their feedback and use it to innovate.  We are exceptional marketers who embrace our customer’s lifestyles and provide them with a brand they can genuinely love and be part of.

We are constantly asking the question ‘What will Kiwi’s eating habits be in 5 years, in 10 years and beyond.  How can we make sure that we can service those needs.’  A strong focus on local sourcing and quality drives our mandate that 99% of our product must be made from NZ produced food.  NZ businesses that are ethical and have high standards. 

Our fixation with Sustainability propels our efforts into creating a zero waste business model.  Through food wastage, compostable packaging and efficiencies in production and distribution.

Ready to Eat – A Kiwi business that understands New Zealand food.